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Fundraise for The Hunger Project!

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Top Participants
  1 -  Noah Greenspan ($1,837.00)
  2 -  Gabriella Khawly ($135.00)
  3 -  Elizabeth Sanderson ($10.00)
  4 -  Maria Scharin ($0.00)
  5 -  brianna gastelum ($0.00)
  6 -  Edwin Shreve ($0.00)
  7 -  Max Coleman ($0.00)
  8 -  Unique Tolbert ($0.00)
  9 -  Julia Klebe ($0.00)
  10 -  Andrew Everett ($0.00)
Schoolchildren in Ethiopia, Credit: David Snyder THP-India Elected Women Representatives Oaxaca, Mexico Workshop The Hunger Project-Uganda children Fishing project in Bangladesh Peru Leadership Workshop 

Raise Funds for The Hunger Project!

If you want to do more to achieve the sustainable end of hunger and poverty in our world, you have come to the right place!

The end of world hunger -- an accomplishment once considered impossible -- is now within our grasp. Please join our team of volunteer fundraising activists to help us end hunger once and for all.

This site lets you set up your own personalized fundraising webpage, reach out to your family and friends, and track progress toward your goal. Whether you’re trying to raise $25 or $5,000, every penny counts!

  • You might choose to create a personal page to ask friends and family to invest in the end of hunger in honor of a birthday, wedding or other special day of celebration.
  • Celebrate a holiday like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Hannukah or any holiday you can think of by raising funds to end hunger once and for all.
  • Run, walk or bike a certain number of miles and use a fundraising page to ask friends and family to support you. Use your page and our email features to keep everyone updated on your progress!
  • Challenge your coworkers and form teams among departments to raise funds for the end of hunger. Use our Team Fundraising feature!

Your volunteer participation and leadership allows us to invest more of the money raised where it's needed most: in the villages of Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

Thank you for your commitment to the end of hunger and poverty in our world! Get started now by clicking on one of the buttons above!