First Steps 

1. Personalize your Personal Page and (if you are a team captain) your Team Page

  • Log into your Participant Center and click on the tab for “Personal page” or “Team page.”
  • Though there is some sample text there, you should feel free to put your own text or add personal stories to let others know why you are participating as an Unleashed Woman.
  • You can use the blog feaure to update your Personal Page with progress updates!
  • Telling your story will help build connections and encourage your friends and family to contribute to your efforts.

2. Send e-mails

  • Log into your Participant Center and click on the tab for “Email.”
  • Here you can send personalized fundraising and thank you emails to your friends and families. There are sample templates for solicitation and thank you emails. But you should be sure to personalize these emails, adding your name in the signature, your personal story and your fundraising goals. 
  • Click on the “Contacts” link and import your address book to save time and reach more people!

More Fundraising Resources

A-Z Guide of Fundraising Ideas

Cover, A-Z Fundraising Guide

Looking for some fundraising inspiration? Here's an A-Z of ideas to get you thinking and spark your imagination, to support you. Download the guide.


Proudly Supporting Unleashed Women Logo

Download the Proudly Supporting Unleashed Women logo to use on your materials and emails. Download now.

Sample Social Posts

Be sure to add a link to your personal fundraising pages on each of these posts!


  • Unleashed Women is a global movement of strong, visionary women who want to see a world without hunger. Invest in my campaign to raise funds to empower women to end their own hunger and poverty! 

  • The story of an Unleashed Woman: Before The Hunger Project came to her community, Lorna was shy and barely spoke.  Her family lived in a tiny mud hut; at night they all slept side by side on the floor. Now, with the training, support and participation in The Hunger Project’s microfinance program, Lorna has transformed her life. She has increased her farm’s maize harvest 5-fold, and as a result she’s been able to support her children with an education.

    Want to Unleash other women like her? Invest now in my #UnleashedWomen campaign to raise funds to reach more women like Lorna! 


  • Unleashed Women is a global movement to empower women with access to maternal & child health care, microfinance opportunities and ways to tackle and end child marriage! Unleash your spirit! 

  • $25 could educate 20 mothers about nutritious foods that can feed their babies & avoid malnutrition #UnleashedWomen

  • $230 could train one Elected Woman in India to be an effective council member & ban child marriage in her village #UnleashedWomen

  • $60 could empower a woman with a microfinance loan to start a business & support her family. YOU can help make that happen! #UnleashedWomen

  • $120 could train one volunteer in Africa who will educate communities about the need to #endchildmarriage. #UnleashedWomen 

  • Women's leadership is essential to achieve gender equality. By empowering women, we empower entire communities! #UnleashedWomen


Stay Tuned! Additional resources are coming soon -- including social media banners, postcards and event invitations!